Our Philosophy


“Great companies start because the founders want to change the world… not make a fast buck.” ~Guy Kawasaki


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Innovation Philosophy powered by Nouveau Innovation Alliance

The Luxor Equity approach to creating value focuses on creating a holistic view on innovation and business enterprises. Luxor Equity provides advantage through a disciplined investment focus on companies that provide innovation services, and technology-enabled solutions and offer opportunities for growth and improvement in today’s progressive ecosystems. We partner with world-class management teams and consultants across our companies, which aim to grow and reach their optimum potential. We utilize our dedicated team of operational experts to create high yield enterprises from both an economic perspective as well as capability value through the execution of innovative market practices.

Luxor Equity brings system innovation process, focus, and discipline to the value creation process. We have created a scalable model by developing a process that help improves a company’s efficiency and profitability and enhance its opportunities for diverse market insertions. Best practices are created by and for Luxor Equity’s management teams, and we touch on all aspects of growth and innovation strategies, and seek to capture and share collective learnings across the global ecosystem for innovation culture.

We believe the market opportunity for investing in technology focused enterprises and innovation service businesses remain strong and vibrant. The pursuit of operational business excellence, demonstrated capability value, and holistic view on capital remains Luxor Equity’s winning combination for long-term success.